Fancy Staying Indoors But Still With That Outdoor Swing Feel To It?

indoor hammock swing

It’s cold, it’s wet and it’s raining. What a bummer. Especially at a time that you really felt like spending time out. You can’t because its bitterly cold, it’s pouring with rain and you’ll get really wet. So much for putting out that old hammock under your favorite tree. Even after the rain abates, it’ll take ages for that old hammock to dry out. And it’s still pretty shivering cold out there. But no matter.

Stay indoors and make the most of a real damper. You can even give yourself the outdoorsy feeling if you really must. And yes, you can even put up an indoor hammock swing. How about that then. You can hardly wait now that you’ve discovered this nice piece of good news. You have tricky fingers because you are so excited. Not nervous, just excited. Be careful now, you might just tap the wrong item.

But hey, what if you did then. What if within the next few days you received quite a different indoor plaything. Oh well, don’t pitch it out and don’t send it back. Keep it then, you might just get a kick out of it. And of course, there’s still plenty of time for you to order your indoor hammock swing. And so it is that you landed up with an Ottoman-like chair instead. Or a dumpy soft big beanbag cushion. That’s a chair too, by the way. So comfy too. But lots of fun to rollick about with. All across the living room floor.

There now, kids, time to sit very still. Your dad wants to rest now. You can hear him snoring. And guess what, he’s rocking in his indoor hammock swing. Sweet dreams.